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ComputerKeen Helps Small Business Keep Up With The Big Boys

Offering Great Graphics, Web Design and Mock-Ups At Low Prices.

These days it’s important for small business to compete with big business without having the big business budget.  Clients are more sophisticated and technology has created a more level playing field if one knows where to look to satisfy their clients.  One business helping small businesses do just that is ComputerKeen.

ComputerKeen is the one stop go to shop for all things graphic.  We will complete product mock-ups, presentation materials and both online and offline graphics that will make any small business look like a million bucks on a budget that’s a million short.

ComputerKeen can make book cover mock-ups, mug mock-ups, a complete corporate identity package mock-up, even complete items such as Facebook page designs and WordPress templates. Whether online or offline, ComputerKeen has it covered.

Most prices range from £10 – £20 on all items.  Web Design begins at £50 and ranges up to £900+.  With prices like these any small business can compete with the big boys.

Mockups are useful, especially of websites, to produce a functional imitation with working links, pictures and text.  It allows those involved in projects understand the logistics of what all needs to be done early on in a project. Clients can review a mockup and suggest changes before developers begin coding the site or printers begin printing which will save everyone time, energy, and money.

Amazing job! Exactly the right size too, lord knows I tried 1000 ways to Sunday and couldn’t do it myself. You Rock!! I’ll be back soon for other client pages. Highly recommend. 5 stars


Done a nice job for me and will be back for sure, the work is worth more too, I would pay more if I had it, cheers man. 5 stars


Extreme fast buy again :-) 5 stars


Thank you so much for another great cover. Great communication, timing and all with a sense of humour! I will be back! 5 stars


what a great deal, bargain! Superb transaction and extremely fast delivery, thanks! 5 stars


Computer keen. rocks! 5 stars




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